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In the digital age, process management paradigms have become a key driver for organisational performance. Business process models are now more relevant, due to increased competition on costs, time, quality, environmental complexity and challenging customer requirements.  Dennis John Consulting, is leading process management consultancy, we design, automate, improve business processes and Operational IQ for modern organisations.

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The Future of work will be defined by the ideas of convenience and time. The construct of convenience will be a strategic gold mine.


250 years ago, the world bought most finished products from the WEST. Today most finished products comes from the EAST.


The digitisation process is gaining momentum at a rapid pace, creating digital disruption along its partway and the business that will survive and grow will be those that can adapt with agility and be creative with digital


Green Industry Initiative is more than moving from ‘horse ploughing’ to ‘farm mechanization’. It is a process of changing from ‘old economy’ to ‘new economy’ paradigms, that requires long term systems thinking.

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