Change Management

To stimulate creativity and boundless innovation, organisations must embrace change and more importantly culture change. Culture change must permeate through the entire organisation. This is not just about artificial change interventions, the characteristics of the whole culture adjustment process must be encoded in all the parts of the organisation. Otherwise some change interventions fail to infuse through the whole organisation. Leading to invisible challenges.

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast” I researched Peter Drucker on a number of occasions, and you will not find this celebrated statement in any of his work. I suspect the reason for that, may lie in the fact the that statement originates from a private consulting conversation. We must not miss the lesson.

One of the key lessons for change and culture change management is that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, Peter Drucker (1995) in a consulting assignment. Now the significance of this statement is that there is a connection between strategy and culture change. Failing to connect the two concepts could endanger any transformational change programme and even put at risk the successful implementation of any growth /survival plan. The culture of an organisation is one of the important drivers to the creation of long term sustainable transformational success. Drucker was by no means minimising the construct of strategy, critically the statement was a reminder that corporate strategy will only be successfully executed if the programme is totally supported by leadership engagement and energy of the organisation’s cultural attributes.

Developed and created by the Author :- Dennis M. John


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