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  • Breakingviews TV: Botox Tuesday June 25, 2019
    AbbVie is buying Allergan, maker of Botox, for $63 billion – a 45% premium. It’s a great deal for the seller’s shareholders, but not much more than an overpriced superficial filler for the buyer. Robert Cyran explains the wrinkles in the merger.
  • Breakingviews TV: Stab at Caesars June 24, 2019
    Eldorado Resorts is buying Caesars Entertainment for $8.5 billion. It’s the end of a tawdry financial tale for the indebted Caesars. Upstart Eldorado, meanwhile, is making a big bet it can bring its acquisition and turnaround model to the Las Vegas Strip. John Foley explains.
  • Breakingviews TV: China bailout June 21, 2019
    The government takeover of a small bank in Inner Mongolia produced surprising ructions in Chinese financial markets. Pete Sweeney and Christopher Beddor discuss what went wrong with Beijing’s plans to let weak lenders default.
  • Breakingviews TV: Slack jawed June 20, 2019
    The workplace productivity tool landed on the stock market on Thursday, and like many tech listings, it boasts fast-growing revenue, no profit, and stiff competition. Slack’s unusual direct listing method may prove durable even if the company itself doesn’t, Jen Saba explains.
  • Breakingviews TV: Mind the gap June 19, 2019
    Gender pay is a big issue on U.S. proxies this year. Alphabet is fighting a motion to report median male and female salaries, claiming it has equalized pay within job types, but Jen Saba explains that fuller data can help reveal the real problem – a lack of women in top posts.
  • Breakingviews TV: Minting Libra June 18, 2019
    Facebook’s privacy issues make it an unlikely issuer of a cryptocurrency. But as Tom Buerkle explains, Mark Zuckerberg wants to grow the social network’s tiny payments business, and his array of blue-chip partners might encourage consumers to embrace the new digital coin.
  • Breakingviews TV: Array factor June 17, 2019
    Pfizer is buying Array BioPharma for $11 billion, a 62% premium. It’s Big Pharma buying another smallish biotech, but in this case, Array’s backstory is a mix of skill, law and luck, as Rob Cyran explains.
  • Breakingviews TV: Hong Kong ire June 14, 2019
    The Chinese financial centre is bracing for another round of massive protests. Robyn Mak and Pete Sweeney discuss the reasons for the discontent, why the demonstrations caught the government by surprise, and whether Beijing will back down.
  • Breakingviews TV: Renault reboot June 13, 2019
    The Gallic carmaker may want to restart merger talks with Fiat Chrysler. Potential interference from the French government is still a concern. But as Liam Proud explains, Renault shareholders also need to be more realistic about the takeover value of the company.
  • Breakingviews TV: Boeing blues June 12, 2019
    Aside from the grounding of Boeing’s 737 MAX jets, the company collected zero new orders in May. Customers are becoming stingier, and the effect isn’t limited to the U.S. giant – Airbus orders have also slowed. Still it’s the last thing Boeing needs, as Tom Buerkle explains.


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