Saving the ANC is to save South Africa

“Saving the ANC is to save South Africa” Lindiwe Sisulu

“I would like you to stand with me, because we have to save the ANC. Saving the ANC is to save South Africa,” she said in a speech in Kliptown, Soweto. Sisulu also called for an end to the corruption that has dogged Zuma’s government. Media reports about a trove of leaked emails has heaped pressure on him to allow a judicial commission to investigate graft claims. He has denied wrongdoing.  Members of the ANC have pushed for Zuma to step down as have alliance partners, the

trade union federation Cosatu and the South African Communist Party (SACP) Today I can say with confidence, I am ready to fight so that we can re-take those values that once were ours…I would like you to stand with me so that we can earn something more valuable than money: integrity, honour and respect, Sisulu said.

She labelled factionalism, corruption without limits, arrogance, loss of any sense of reality impunity, greed and selfishness and total loss of value systems as the enemies threatening the ANC and the country. “What we must do is to cleanse the ANC and recover its original values,” Sisulu said. She decried as “alien” to the ANC the political killings in KwaZulu-Natal that have claimed scores of local party leaders and councillors.  She said South Africa was going through the most difficult moments and people were wondering why the ANC was dithering. She called on ANC members not to allow money to influence them. “The ANC is not for sale. Don’t let anyone buy your vote and don’t buy anyone’s vote.”

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